We welcome skilled traders

At Elites Funding, we encourage traders to utilize their preferred trading styles and strategies. However, we strictly prohibit any form of cheating or abuse of the simulated (demo) environment, as it violates our Terms of Use.

We do not tolerate cheating

Strategies that are considered “cheating” or do not accurately represent real market conditions are not permitted and will result in a violation of our Terms of Use. Strategies that generate risk-free consistent profits only in a demo environment are not allowed, as they cannot be replicated in live markets. Funded Traders must treat their accounts as if they are live, and the use of such strategies will lead to account closure.

Account management by third parties is prohibited

The management of accounts by a third party, such as “pass your challenge” or copy trading services, is strictly prohibited. Any engagement in such activities will result in the rejection of accounts and a permanent ban from all Elites Funding services.

Prohibited strategies

The following strategies are strictly prohibited, and engaging in these strategies will result in a breach of your account and potential banning from our platform:

  1. Grid Trading: Grid trading involves placing inverse buy and sell orders of the same instrument with similar risks, which can lead to market manipulation, over-leveraging, and market instability. It is crucial to have a well-defined risk management strategy in place to avoid significant drawdowns and over-leveraging.

  2. Tick Scalping: Tick scalping is a high-frequency trading strategy that involves placing a large number of trades in a short time frame. Traders using this strategy typically hold positions for a few seconds or minutes, aiming to make small profits on each trade.
  3. Account Sharing or Account Sale: Sharing or selling funded accounts to other individuals violates our Terms of Service and will result in a ban from Elites Funding.

  4. Martingale Trading: The use of the Martingale strategy, which involves increasing the size of investments after each loss with the expectation of recovering previous losses and making a profit, is prohibited. This strategy is considered gambling and carries significant risks, including substantial drawdowns and the potential loss of all capital.

  5. High-Frequency Trading (HFT): HFT, which relies on advanced computer algorithms and high-speed trading to execute numerous trades within seconds, is prohibited. HFT can lead to market manipulation, unfair advantages, and market instability.

  6. Sanctioned Countries: Traders are restricted from accessing and placing orders in OFAC-sanctioned countries, including Cuba, Iran, Lebanon, Syria, North Korea, Libya, Sudan, and Somalia.

  7. Collusion Between Users: Cross-account trading or collusion, where multiple accounts place trades in the same direction, is considered market manipulation and is strictly prohibited.

  8. Hedging or Group Hedging Across Multiple Accounts: Opening multiple accounts and placing trades in opposite directions (hedging or group hedging) is not allowed. This strategy aims to generate risk-free profits by creating a loss for one account and a profit for another, which is unfair and against our policies.

  9. Use of a Delayed Data Feed: Utilizing a data feed with a delay or lag in delivering market data provides an unfair advantage and is unethical. This practice is not permitted in the real financial market.

  10. Trading on Delayed Charts: Trading based on charts with delayed or lagging updates is considered unethical and inconsistent with real financial market operations.

  11. Use of Guarantee of Compliance with Limit Orders: Using a guarantee of compliance with limit orders, such as take profit and stop loss, is prohibited. This strategy can circumvent regulatory restrictions and manipulate the market, which is non-compliant with real financial market operations.

Trading Activity: Soft Breaches/Warnings

The following examples outline trading behaviors and activities that may result in soft breaches and warnings. Continued violation of these behaviors can escalate to a breach of your accounts and potential banning from Elites Funding and its services.

  1. Exploiting Platform or Data Freezing Due to Demo Server Error: Using platform or data freezing caused by a demo server error to gain unfair advantages or mislead traders is strictly prohibited. In the event of server issues that prevent you from closing trades for stop loss or take profit, our logs will capture the incident, and we will work with affected traders to resolve the problem. To assist us in addressing freezing issues, please provide screenshots or screen recordings. Any attempt to abuse the platform due to a demo server error may result in a possible permanent ban from Elites Funding and its services.